Tips To Consider While Buying A New Laptop

buying laptop

Students are often at a loss when it comes to buying a laptop for their educational requirements. As each student is different from the next one based on the courses they are majoring in and the different hobbies they might have, their expectations from a laptop also differs. When it comes to tips for how to select computer for students, the experts at offer valuable advice. Since there are several technical terms associated with buying a laptop, it might be a difficult task for the students who are not exactly tech savvy. If you feel you are out of your bubble when it comes buying laptops, then you have come to the right place. With the following tips and advice, you will soon be brandishing a brand new laptop at your university.

Technology has advanced pretty far in the field of computers. This has resulted in plenty of companies offering a two-in-one tablet that lets you flip between the laptop mode and the tablet mode. This versatile piece of equipment lets you switch between using a tablet or a laptop making it useful for students who would like to use both these devices without spending a truckload of money. In case your course requirements include you working on graphics and video, then most experts would suggest sticking to a laptop.

Another important thing to consider while purchasing a laptop is how what kind of warranty is being provided. Generally, it is around two years with an extended warranty offered by the store that you purchase it from. Usually people tend to stay away from getting extended warranties, but in the long run, it is better to get it especially if you don’t want to lose all your hard work by an unexpected glitch with your laptop.

The Operating System that comes bundled with the laptop differs in several ways. The three commonly seen operating systems are:
· Mac OS X
· Windows OS
· Chrome OS

Since each operating system comes with its own set of pros and cons, you need to look into your requirements before making a decision. Mac OS is usually a favorite among students who are more inclined towards the art side like designing, architecture and so on. Since iPhone and Mac OS are compatible, it makes things even easier as it enables students to integrate their phone and laptop to work miracles.

Almost everybody has worked on Windows platform, making it hands down easy to adapt to. Since it runs a lot of different types of software, many students tend to deviate towards it a bit more.

Chromebooks have also started making an entry into the hardware world with its basic features like surfing the internet, using emails, creating documents and so on. If you are planning on using your laptop only for writing assignments and a bit of browsing, then the Chromebook will work out perfectly for you. If you are planning on joining filming courses, purchase a laptop that offers a bit more power and has a good graphics card as you will need it to complete your assignments.

Moreover, get a laptop that offers a long battery life to help you get on with your work without dying out on you. At the end of the day, any laptop is only as good as the care you handle it with. So be a bit gentle while handling this electronic device, since any glitch can cause it to freeze up resulting in you losing all your files.